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I'm really 38-24-36 ..and that's just my neck

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I try to find the humor in Life
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My sister Gale and Me on right
May 4 2003
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Gale and me in Nassau, Bahamas Sept 24 2004

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Me and My Squirrel
My Baby Rocky the Squirrel

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Bob and Sabrina
As a mother I dont think I could of ever had a better kid than Bob. I respect him. Trust him.
Hes in a band called Burn. Heavy Metal. They will be somebody some day
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Bob my beauitful Son

My loves are my Husband Jay, My Kid Bob and his wife Sabrina, my dogs and my Computer and my Squirrel
My hobbies include Scuba Diving, Jet Sking,
Parasailing, DeepSea Fishing and Travel

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My Best Friend and Husband Jay

Jay and Ivan ItchyButtJay

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Our first Holloween in Las Vegas 2000
The King and Queen

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A typical night watching TV with Dad

Rocky My Squirrel playing in the computer room.While I was taking these photo's she bit the camera cord and broke it
My Baby Rocky
Rocky is a female Tree Squirrel.
She fell out of a tree in March 98 She was about 4-6 weeks of age.
I nursed and fed Rocky puppy formula from a baby bottle
and fed her Iams puppy food.
She is part of our family.
She plays with my dogs and puppies.
Rocky has no fear of humans or dogs
because she thinks she is a dog.
Sometimes we rent a hotel room by the Airport
when Im going to ship puppies and take Rocky
with the pups and just cut them loose to play together
all day and night.

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The Ballad of Rocky the Squirrel
The weather was cold. The weather was furious
When our Debbie heard a sound strange and curious
She thought it came from that drift of snow
Under the old oak tree it was so weak and low
Now, who is in this storm, Crying helplessly in despair?
She grabbed her scarf, Tucked it round her hair
Zipped up her jacket, Left her nice warm house
And found a tiny squirrel,As big as a little mouse.
A frozen newborn, Tail hanging limp and lifeless
How did she come to be abandoned in this blizzardy wilderness?
Where was her mother? Her aunts? Her cousins?
She sould have littermates, Around her by the dozens.
She picked the baby up, Its heart was barely beating
And took her home for a little love and heating
Gently, whe took her hair dryer placed it over its little heart
And carefully warmed her Until she gave a little start
Opened her big brown eyes, Gave her tail a tiny wiggle
She looked so very cute. That Debbie had to giggle.
She called the baby " Rocky" Since her start in life "
Had been so stormy, And so filled with strife.
But when she called a wildlife expert for help
On her food and care he gave a horrified yelp.
"Put it back so its mom will come to find her.
You cannot keep a wild squirrel even in this foul weather
Debbie was very, very sad but she did what the man said
Even though she had brought Rocky back from the dead.
She laid her gently down Under the big oak tree
And watched anxiously for its mother to rescue little Rocky.
But as the snow fell and the cold wind blew
And the hours passed First, one, then two.
No one ever came and Rocky cried and cried
Then not a sound and Debbie thought she died
When Debbie's dog a shih tzu, little but bold,
Went out into the snow and brought Rocky in from the cold.
Laid her at Debbie's feet And said,"Arf, Arf" which meant
I think the angels to you have sent
This little squirrel and want us to keep
Her from the cold and from a frozen sleep
So let us have this little sister, For a squirrel is a fine and loving pet
Besides cats and dogs I haven't yet met, A rodent who is not Welcome in a menangerie
Please, let her stay, We'll feed her fruit and nuts and tea.
And she can sleep in my doggie bed with me.
Well, Debbie kept her, How could she not?
And Rocky filled the house With love but could not be taught
To use the little squirrel Chamber pot! But still this tiny rascal
Wormed her way Into Debbie's heart Until one dreary day
An official came to say "Rocky is wild and cannot stay"
In your house with you. Let her go back to the wood
Or off to jail right now. Is that understood?
"Okay," said Debbie, "I'm ready, Let's go."
"You mean you'll go to jail?" "Of course, Cause then I can keep her, No?
After I stay in jail A day or two or three. Can't Rocky then Belong to me?
I'll never give her up. Cause I love Rocky and Rocky loves me.
She's been with us since she's been born.
And without my love she'd be quite forlorn.
She can't fend for herself, Nor find food to eat
No one knows, How to feed her her special treat
Scratch her little back and her furry belly
And give her toast with blueberry jelly."
"Well," the officail scratched His wrinkled brow,
"I see this case Is different somehow than a person Who's abusing the law."
Then little Rocky Gently lifted up her paw. Jumped on Debbie's shoulder
and Whispered in her ear,"I've got to stay with you
Make that very clear. There's no way I'll ever leave you
And I sincerely know you feel that way, too."
The official said, "okay just sign these papers, dear "
And Rocky is yours Free and Clear."
And so the tiny squirrel Rocky sleeps in Debbie's bed
She nestles snuggly by her mistress's head
She noshes and nibbles and chirps and chatters
But we all know that the only thing which matters
Is that as long as Rocky stays with her friend, Debbie
She had a cherished home which is warm and loving and free!!!!
For Debbie, With Love From Sandy Didner
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Jeff Jensen My brother in law.
Jeff lives on Kodiak Island in Alaska.
He runs a Drug and alcohol hospital.

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Philip Kelley * single *
Philip came over years ago to buy a pup. I fell in love with him on the spot. We sat at my kitchen table for 6 hours talking and playing puppy. When Philip left he was the new owner of Jordon a tiny male imperial. I knew Philip would be my best friend. I love Philip more than anyone. Hes my bestest buddy. When my mom died he was there for me every single day. When I divorced Jay ( we are remarried now) Philip sat with me every day for weeks. I was so close to suicide. Philip made me pull out of my depression. I owe him my life. He will always and forever be my best friend.
I love you Philip

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