Replacement Guarantee

1. Five year guarantee on any condition that caused your pup to expire, which dates from the prenatal stage. You must have a Vet Certificate from 2 Vets saying it was definitely caused from the prenatal stage. Out of state buyers must send a copy of the vets report by registered mail to the seller. Sellers Vet will confirm Vets diagnosis.

2. 12 day Guarantee for disease like Parvovirus and Distemper with a Certificate from a Vet with lab results.

3. Replacement Guarantee will be terminated if pup was abused, does not have an up to date record of vaccinations and fecal analysts records.

3a. Pups shipped through the Airlines are guaranteed by the Airlines with an additional charge. * Price vary with Airline Company. Request Airline Insurance before the pup is placed on the plane. Breeder does not guarantee the pups safe arrival, the Airlines does with Insurance paid for by the buyer.
4. Seller of this Dog does not responsible for any Vet bills of any type or any refunds for Vet bills. This is a Replacement Guarantee only if your pup expires.

4a. Never put a pupy that is under 5 pounds under anestesia unless it is an emergency . 5. On rare instances a pup may expire before pick up or shipping date. Breeder reserves the right to chose another pup of equal value. Breeder reserves the right to have 9 months to replace buyers expired pup.

6. Deposits on puppy are not refundable.
If a deposit was recieved for a certain sex, size color and that was not born than your deposit will rollover to the next available litter.
No deposit amount will be refunded

Cancellation of a puppy must be done by phone, email or in writing by the buyer.
7. Adult sizes are an estimate only, based on sellers experience and recognition. No guarantees are made. If buyer is not satisfied with size and weight at maturity, buyer will be permitted to exchange only their dog for another puppy from a litter determined by seller after the first pup/adult is returned to the seller at the buyers expense.

8. Replacement pups will be shipped at the owners expense. Shipping dates and times will be determined by both parties to be made convenient by both parties. Continental Airlines pet transportation is my first choice followed by Delta Airlines, Northwest Airlines, or Continental's Counter to Counter unless both parties agree differently.

11. Puppies or Adults can be returned to the breeder if you find that you cannot keep him or her for any reason. The breeder may pay the shipping charges but not the purchase price of the pup or dog.

12. Some Pups are sold with limited AKC registration. Pups are not discounted because of limited registration. Seller will allow Breeding Rights if the pup is determined to be of sound quality. Buyer may request Breeding rights on a specific pup from the seller at the time of purchase. AKC papers may be issued after your vet states in writing the weight of your pup at 6 months old.
Seller is not responsible for a Bitches ability to conceive or quality of pups or litter size. It is the buyers sole responsibility for all Vet bills incurred from breeding your Dog.
13. Seller only guarantees pups out of her own home and stud pick pups. Outside breeders puppies are guaranteed by the pups owners not by this breeder. Refunds or exchanges are from your puppies breeder not Debra L Jensen and no refunds will be made by Debra L Jensen for any extra fees for your puppy costs on the website of
14. Imperial females under 5 pounds may never be bred for any reason whatsoever.
Imperial males may be bred by the buyer if you receive Full AKC registration

15.Please note that during times of stress, such as going to a new home, pups can exhibit temporary signs of illness which may include: sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, diarrhea and/or constipation. To help reduce the signs of stress, feed the puppy. Offer bottled water, as well as taking reasonable measures to reduce stress. You can do this by slowly introducing them to the house and the members of the household, as well as limiting the time they are with strangers, children and other animals.

** By signing or reading below, both parties acknowledge that they have read and do understand this contract and will abide by it with both parties having a copy of this contract **
I will still stand behind this contract even if you do not sign it

Sellers Debra L Jensen

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