Our Home
The theme is Jamaica my favorite place other than Las Vegas

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Our new Home is modest but I think its my favorite.
I love how its decorated in a Jamacian theme with lots of plants and flower and veggie gardens

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Me, my Jay and Dave on the night Dave flew in to get his puppy Taylor
We felt so comfortable with Dave He's a blast
We just laid around and played dog

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Jay floating and Keller and Me

My Parents and I spent each year in Miami. When I was 2 1/2 years old I learned to swim
I jumped in the deep end of the pool a life guard drove in after me.
I remember the bubbles and loved being deep in the water. Somehow I just knew to hold my breath.
Lifeguard told my hysterical mom dont worry about this kid, shes a natural.
I started taking swimming lessons right after to improve my swimming abilities.
The year after in Miami I took my first Scuba Lesson and
by 4 years I scuba dived on my own, I think I must of been a fish in my past life

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