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" The Gabe " retired
Gabriel Jensen
The Stud

His DNA and his Vet Gen for Renal D are processed.
The Gabe is an NN
I weight 4 pounds and my nickname by my girlfriends is Mr Humpy

Stud Service from FROZEN SPERM
shipped to your Vet

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Gabriel has recieved his bloodwork from My vet as all normal for his liver and heart.
The Gabes Renal Dysplasia results have been Processed thru Vet Gen ,
The Gabe is an NN

Gabe was also a zero at Mary Whitelys testing at dogenes.html

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ALKP/Alkaline Phosphates.
This is an enzyme produced by the biliary tract {liver}.
High levels indicate bone disease, liver or bile flow blockage.
Normal Range is 23-212

BUN/Bloody Urea Nitrogen.
This is produced by the liver and excreted by the kidneys.
Decreased levels are seen with low protein diets, liver insufficiency
and the use of anabolic steroid drug. Increased levels indicate
any condition that reduces the kidneys ability to filter body fluids
or interferes with protein breakdown.
Normal Range is 7-27

Blood calcium levels are influences by diet, hormone levels
and blood protein levels. Decreased levels indicate acute damage to the
pancreas or under active parathyroid. Muscle twitched may occur in decreased level.
Increased levels can be an indicator of certain types of tumors,
parathyroid kidney disease.
Normal Range is 9.5-12

This is a by-product of muscle metabolism and is excreted
by the kidneys. Elevated levels can indicate kidney disease
or urinary obstruction, muscle disease, arthritis, hyperthyroidism
and diabetes. An increased BUN and a normal creatinine suggest
and early or mild problem, An increased creatine and increased
BUN with elevated Phosphorus indicate a long standing kidney disease.
Normal Range is .50- 1.80

GLU/ Blood Glucose
This is in High Levels can help diagnose diabetes and
can indicate stress, excess of the hormone progesterone, an
overactive adrenal gland, Low levels can indicate liver disease, tumors or
abnormal growth on the pancreas or under active adrenal gland.
Normal Range is 77-125

This is an Autoimmune test and low level thyroid function.
They can have Hypo-decreased levels or Hyper increased levels.
If and animal is out of normal range an extensive
Thyroid study should be done.
Normal Range is <20

GLOB Globulins
- Decreased levels indicate problems with antibodies, immunodeficiency viruses or risk of infectious disease. Increased levels may indicate stress, dehydration or blood cancer, allergies, liver disease

T.P/ Total Protein
Increased indicate dehydration or blood cancer, bone marrow cancer,
decreases indicate malnutrition, poor digestion, liver or kidney
disease, bleeding or burns.
Normal Range is 5.2-7.2

TBIL Total Billirubin
A component of bile, billirubin is secreted by the liver
into the intestinal tract. High levels can lead to jaundice
and indicate destruction in the liver and bile duct.
Normal Range is 0.00 to 0.95

Von Willebrands Assey
This is a bleeding disorder problem.
Normal Range is 70-100%

ALT/ Alanine Aminotransferase
This is an enzyme that becomes elevated with liver disease.
Normal Range 10-100

Elevated postprandial bile acids are supportive of hepatobiliary disease.
The Majority of animals with congenital or acquired portosystemic
shunting have Markedly increased postprandial values of >100 umol/L
Normal is 5.0-25.0

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The Gabe Full Grown
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